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General Testing Guidlines

Please note that this page is not limited to the rules expected to be followed by test candidates. Rather, these rules are general guidelines for testing center etiquette.

rule 1.png

Rule 1: Maintain a Quiet Environment

We ask all those who visit our testing center to keep their voices down. It is best to think of it as a library, a place that needs to be as quiet as possible so that others are not bothered! Inside the testing room there is strictly no talking allowed. You may only speak to a proctor, while still trying to be as quiet as possible. We really appreciate it!

rule 2.png

Rule 2: No Electronic Devices

Now a days, everyone has a phone, mp3 player, or tablet. However, you may not have any of these items in the testing room. We ask that you turn off all your devices before coming into the testing center. The device must be powered down completely; the phone may not be on vibrate, silenced, or airplane mode. You can keep your electronic devices inside our lockers for safe keeping during your exam. Please have your confirmations or exam passwords ready as print outs or written as a note before arriving!

rule 3.png

Rule 3: No Personal Items

We are very strict in regards to what you can and can not bring inside the testing room. If the item is not permitted within the exam's policy, it will not be allowed inside. Hence, you may not bring your keys, wallet, bags, and other related items inside. If you have something that is absolutely mandatory, such as medication and or any other item related to disabilities, you should make the proper arrangements BEFORE your exam by contacting your test vendor/sponsor.

rule 4.jpg

Rule 4: No Misconduct

No form of disruptive behavior or misconduct will be allowed at the testing center! Some forms of misconduct may not occur to test candidates as a violation, such as taking scratch paper out of the testing center or looking at your text messages during your break! When in doubt, always ask your proctor if you are allowed to do anything you are unsure of.